at the mercy of army housing

Last week we discovered that our sink faucet had been leaking down into the cabinet under the sink, and out the back, and under the cabinet and flooring. I was SHOCKED at how much water was leaking because it wasn’t pooling {hence the flowing out the back of the cabinet and under the flooring} but when I finally put a bucket down there [it was actually the compost bucket] it had filled quickly. OOPS!!

Enter lectures on home owner responsibility. But we are not owners we are merely tenets in Army quarters. You fine taxpayers own this house {insert golf applause and Oscar-esque speeches of thanks!} I don’t know how owning a home would affect my dimwitted lack of notice of minor kitchen flooding, knowing myself, I still wouldn’t have noticed.

A very kind maintenance man arrived at our place at 9pm and fixed the leak.

Fast forward 2 days…
Joy of all morning joys, you wake up to see your less-than-natural wood floors have buckled. YAY!

This photo is slightly unrelated but the flooring in the corner and to the right (behind the island in this photo) is where the floor buckled. I took this photo the other night, The Cadet is BEGGING The Soldier to pick him up. He resorted to climbing the soldier to get his way. Mission accomplished.

Here comes the oddity of us not having flooring last night…
Housing came by yesterday morning while the kiddos and I were out frolicking. They sent the flooring guys to come over during naptime and make loud noises {HOORAY!} to destroy the buckled floor and remove it. The flooring guys {3 to be precise} were Asian immigrants [from where I don’t know] but they didn’t speak great English. {Sigh, I have a TERRIBLE time understanding people with accents.} After discussing mismatched flooring replacements we expressed our concern with mold. This is Hawaii. Shoes mold here if left to their own devices. In the infinite flooring wisdom of the contractors our subfloors were exposed to dry out overnight.

Here is the not-so-childproof hole in our floor…in the middle of the kitchen.

Here is my LOVERYLY vintage fan circulating air.

So now we sit and wait, AT THE MERCY OF ARMY HOUSING, hoping that the contractors show up soon {they are currently 3 hours late.} They are planning on replacing the buckled flooring with a different color of less-than-natural wood flooring. I think when they are done it will have an eclectic feel to it.

We are grateful for our less-than-natural wood flooring, and don’t mind that the owners {you fine taxpayers} enjoy the mismatched flooring look. I gather that it will be all the rage in twenty-11!