christmas 2010

Christmas has come and gone. With all the effort My Soldier and I put into the Advent season building up to Christmas, it arrived with a bit of a dud.

CHRIST was glorified, and that is all that matters. But the day itself was a bit off.

The Soldier and I tried to put our finger on it…
Was it the fact that we spent last Christmas vomiting in a hotel?
Was it because we have only had 4 Christmases as a family and we’re just establishing traditions?

I think it came down to this season of life we are in. Almost literally. We live in Hawaii. {Yay!} The weather here varies by 10° the whole year. {Don’t quote me on that but it is something ridiculous like that} We have no seasons! [Locals will argue, but if they spent anytime in the lower 48 they’d realize they are wrong.]

I grew up in Seattle, Washington. We might not have 4 full seasons but there is definitely a difference in them, and winter especially. With the arrival of winter comes anticipation. It adds a whole other element to the holidays and Advent. Cold requires you to slow down. It’s that slowing down that I miss. There’s no huddling by the fire for warmth or stopping to listen to the quiet outside as snow absorbs all the sound. Nothing forces you to stop and think, revel the birth of our savior, reflect on another year past.

I miss it all.

The warm drinks. The quiet moments. The calmer pace. The need to wear layers because it is oh so cold out yonder. {I contemplated going to the beach Christmas morning and that just doesn’t feel like me.}

We will not always live here, and that will change the dynamic of every Christmas to come. We’ll embrace where God lands us and bring glory to his name on Christmas.

I realized this year {a bit too late} that I have to force myself into that slower pace, the reflective mindset and that worshipful anticipation.