friday confession

I’ve been hunting for magazine storage for our powder room for MONTHS!
11 month’s to be precise because we have had magazines stacked on the back of our toilet for the 11 months we’ve lived in this white-walled palace. SERIOUSLY there are probably 30 magazines on my toilet tank

{let’s just pretend that our toilet seat is always down}

ONCE UPON A TIME we got a $1 subscription to TIME Magazine from Amazon. We’re still stoked on that little deal.
The permanent home for said $1 subscription is on the back of the powder room commode.
Not so classy. Not so simple. Martha wouldn’t approve.

Welcome my search for toilet-time reading storage.

Our powder room is 34″ across {no joke, I just measured.}
The door opens in and hits the toilet. EVERY. TIME. You have to do that awkward dance around the door to get yourself from the hallway to the toilet and close the door. Or if your My Helper, you leave it open and shout commands at your brother while using the toilet.
We definitely got the, (The Economy Has Tanked BUT We Still Have To House Soldiers, So Why Don’t We Save Space In The Bathrooms), variety of powder room.
Government cutbacks. Yes please, and thank you Taxpayers!
The ONLY place to keep reading materials is on the back of the toilet or on the wall just above it.

ENTER POTTERY BARN {and sinister music}
I found this little lovely a while back.
Today she was on clearance. With FREE SHIPPING. To Hawaii!!!
Nuf said.
Seriously, after living on an island in the middle of the Pacific, I will never take for granted shipping costs ever again.
Or cold weather. Or fabric stores. Or Anthropologie.
{dramatic sigh}

Not quite a splurge, but definitely doesn’t fit into the necessity category.

Aloha Friday!!