fellowship in seasons of this army life

We’re really really blessed.
In every aspect of life I feel extremely blessed and I know My Soldier would agree.

Part of it is perspective. We work really hard to have a biblical worldview. {everyone has a worldview and it’s their worldview that directs their daily decisions and actions} The gospel is SO central to us that it affects every aspect of our lives.
{how that plays out in an army context is the subject of another post entirely}
Our worldview forces us to acknowledge the hand of God in every aspect of our life, and in light of the good news of God’s saving grace we cannot but feel blessed in all things!

Our trip to Dallas was a huge reminder of just how blessed we are.
Nothing like when you take a trip to an undeveloped nation and realize that your world is crowded with distracting possessions that prevent you from seeing the things in life that are truly important. {nothing like that…but boy howdy those shocks to our system are necessary reminders as well}
We spent 2 weeks completely overwhelmed by people whom we love and who love us.

While in Dallas we got to spend a TON of time with family. {The Gamer’s wedding was the primary reason for the trip} We also spent a lot of time with members from the church we attended for the 3 years before My Soldier joined the Army. {if we were missionaries they would be like our sending church}
These are the people who walked alongside of us from the blessings of bringing The Helper and The Cadet into the world as well as the hard season of My Soldier’s difficult work situation and financial strain. These are the people that kept us centered on the gospel through the good and the bad! {not to mention repeatedly kicked our spiritual butts into shape on numerous occasions}

It was an awesome visit, but for the first time, it felt like a visit. And that’s because it was no more than a visit.
There’s no Army post anywhere near the suburbs of Dallas so there is little to no chance that we will end up back there during My Soldier’s Army career. So those relationships are forever changed by the fact that we aren’t there. We aren’t living our lives alongside of those people anymore and that is fine. It’s fine because the value placed on those people and relationships have not changed, just the frequency. God has brought us somewhere new, and the nature of Army life is that we will repeat this cycle many many times over. Each time we will painfully say goodbye to people whom we love and have lived alongside in fellowship and service before our God. But we also expect our God to bring new people into our lives, to live alongside and serve with. {we view this as a MAJOR plus side to this chaotic army life}

When we leave Hawaii we will be in the same scenario, leaving behind brothers and sisters in Christ who have been so emerged in our lives that they have become family. And Lord willing {a life altering caveat} we will have visits with them in the future. Picking up where we left off. Visits focused on love and acknowledging God’s sovereign work in the lives of his children spread across the globe. Our constant challenge is to be 100% where we are right now!

This might seem silly, {how can you not be 100% where you are} and I’m not talking physically. In the Army it is really easy to be physically one place but mentally another. It’s a lot of work to frequently uproot and invest in new people constantly. I know a lot of women who live in Hawaii but spend all their time on the phone with people in their home town or at their last post.
But that is exactly the opposite of what the Lord wants of us!

The steps of a man are established by the LORD,
when he delights in his way;
though he fall, he shall not be cast headlong,
for the LORD upholds his hand.
(Psalm 37:23-24 ESV)

We strive to remind ourselves that since it is the Lord who has ordered our steps, then in his sovereignty we are exactly where he wants us and he will sustain us where we are at! {yay!}

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  1. Eric
    01.30.2011 at 17:53

    Megan, thanks for sharing this wisdom! It was great to see your “soldier” and the “army brats.” I am thankful for how you are thinking about the situation God has put you in and your zeal to serve Christ where you are. As we prepare for a situation where what was “home” becomes a destination to visit, I’m thankful for an example like you guys.

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