standard new years post

This is where you are supposed to wrap up the previous year. That assumes that you have managed to process an entire year {and decade in this case} by 11:59pm on the 31st of December. Not a box I am willing to stick myself in. So you’ll have to be content that I am still processing 2010.

But, right smack dab in the front of this years Moleskine journal are my goals for twenty-11. So here it is in a not-too-specific order {although #1 and #2 really are my top 2 priorities}.

My not too resolutiony BIG FAT LIST:
[bold = in process; strike through = accomplished {and by “accomplished” it will likely be some altered version or by some odd standard}]

  1. a solid time in the Word before the kids wake up. managed to pull this off the later half of 2010.
  2. serve My Soldier more.
  3. get in shape. finally motivated since I’ve resigned that there will be no new bambinos in twenty-11.
  4. simplify life and home. in my head I want to be a type-A minimalist. I’m shooting for my own definition of it.
  5. read a book a week. odd goal since I am rarely without my kindle.
  6. buy less. see goal #4.
  7. love what I have and realize that I have what I love. one might call that being content.
  8. blog. sorry, you only rank 8th
  9. sew and complete sewing projects.
  10. wash my face consistently. i realize that most 8th grade girls have this down, but I am terrible at this. more on this later.
  11. establish a daily cleaning routine. which will likely be simplified so it’s manageable.
  12. make fewer ministry commitments. my 2010 plague making the ministry of living life in community difficult.
  13. journal daily. fell out of this habit in 2010, which was mostly avoidance.
  14. keep a gratitude journal.
  15. be better at documenting my kid’s lives. all ready ready have some regrets about this.
  16. create a Hawaii bucket list.
  17. organize our books and input them in goodreads. a daunting task that is easy to avoid with my kindle.
  18. improve my photography skills.
  19. consistently work on pre-school material with My Helper.
  20. potty-train The Cadet.

Fine print: The list is ongoing and subject to change without notice as life happens. Obviously this Army life necessitates insane amounts of  flexibility, and matched with God’s grace the BIG FAT LIST is neither unattainable nor something to live and die by. {psst…that’s why he gave us the Bible AND why my #1 is my #1}

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  1. Bethany
    01.5.2011 at 08:29

    Megs- I am loving your blog! Your voice and personality come through so clearly and I love it! Makes me miss you! Excited to see what you have coming up. :)

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