spring cleaning

Crazy weekend.
One of those weekends where you’re SO busy that you regret it on Monday when you start another busy week.
{am i the only one who falls victim to this cycle frequently?}

This time it was not our fault.
{cross my heart and hope to die it was not our fault}
It was actually The Cadet’s fault, he and his bowel movements.

I’ll spare you the details but my restful Saturday turned into Spring Cleaning twenty-11.
And it all started when The Cadet made it necessary to steam clean our carpets.

Actually only his room needed it, but if you’re going to fork out hard earned cash {my Soldier did the hard earning} you might as well clean ALL the carpets in the house.

So we cleaned. Or, I cleaned and he steamed. My Soldier, my steam cleaning hero. {be still my beating heart}
He helped me clean all day and we deep cleaned every room of our Army issued home.

I’m one of those people that typically {read always} needs a catalyst to get my rear end in motion.
Saturday my son provided that necessary kick start and staring around at my gleaming home I am slightly happy for his diaper malfunction. {slightly. very, very, very slightly}

BONUS: All the crazy cleaning required us to finally deal with the Master Bedroom which has had a couple of piles in the corner {properly ignored and shoved to the bottom of the priority list} SINCE WE MOVED IN!!
That should have been my Friday confession. That I have had piles of unaddressed possessions taking up real estate in our Master Bedroom. {that’s a lot easier to confess now that it is gone. ha!}
But instead I bought that dress from Modcloth. {joy}
I will confess that I left the Modcloth site open on that page refreshing every so often till it was restocked.
My diligence {or odd obsession} paid off.