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One of my BFFs {best friends forever for those who have progressed beyond 7th grade maturity} had a birthday 2 weeks ago.
A random selection of ladies, and by random, I mean her closest friends on this here island, all got together to celebrate 34 years of her fabulous life.

We went to Romano’s Macaroni Grill and had delicious calorie-ridden food and tried our hardest not to think about the fact that this is the last time we’ll get to all hang out together this side of eternity.

:::WARNING: Birthday Girl, grab a tissue:::

The Birthday Girl left for the restroom and those of us remaining looked around the table and took notice; we’re all leaving. Of the 4 of us still at the table one leaves in less than a week, one leaves middle of April, one is likely leaving in June, and I’ll be surprised if our little Army fam is in Hawaii thru twenty-11. Happy Birthday Friend! Oddly enough, I was the only military person at the table.
{this is where my little heart breaks for my friend. but yay! God has a plan. always.}

Now that the crying sesh is over, let me tell you about the Birthday Girl; she’s a giver. She gives the BEST and most thoughtful gifts ever. This makes her the HARDEST person to shop for. {she’s like rachel on friends in the gift department. and 3 of you will understand that reference}

Thankfully she is a coffee addict and so we went in on a gift for her. Hooray for 8 cup french presses!
So in true Megan style, I had to doctor it up! And naturally I decided to start this project 30 minutes before I had to walk out the door. So my Book Room was left in total CHAOS!

French Press with it’s new cozy.

Cozy sans press.

30 minutes + a new french press cozy later…


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  1. 03.22.2011 at 05:52

    Yeah for keeping your sewing machine out and ready with an instants notice!

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