for japan with love

Tomorrow I’ll be participating in a Blogger’s Day of Silence sponsored by For Japan With Love.

I won’t be confessing. I won’t be blogging at all. I intened to get up early {good luck since i’m writing this at 10:30pm} and spend an extra bit of time in prayer for Japan in addition to my normal morning devotion. {i might possibly pray this prayer verbatim}

Because there is nothing more powerful that I can do.

Please take a moment to check out Shelter Box. They are the organization that this Bloggers Day of Silence is working to support.  Shelter Box arrived with emergency relief supplies the Saturday after the earthquake and tsunami.

I do realize it’s just stuff, extremely vital stuff (food, shelter, clothing and the like), but stuff none-the-less. But, if showing our love in this way opens a door for the gospel to be preached later, than it’s the most important stuff in the world.

Here’s to God’s continued mercy and hope that the people of Japan turn to Christ in this tragedy.