the oops and the fix

So once upon a time I almost ruined my favorite chairs.
As seen here with My Helper circa 2010:

…and here with The Cadet circa 3 weeks ago:

These are lovely, beautifully made, vintage chairs purchased in Dallas before we moved to this vintage-less island we call home.
{out of an act of pure submission to my absentee Soldier i did not purchase the matching couch. face in palms. regrets. tears.}

They are the most comfortable chairs in my house. Please note the slouchy pillow that in this instant was upside down.
{thanks kids!}

Back to my story.
Once upon a time there were these amazing chairs. Then one night I spilled something tragic on said chairs.
{these things occur to me out of abundance of God’s grace and a reminder to not fly off at the handle when My Soldier ruins things. amen.}

So, the lovely vintage tag said that the lovely unnamed fabric was washable

Enter the bigger whoops, bigger than spilling stainables on My Precious.

I washed both seat cushion covers and pillow covers.


Please note the sad wee version of the truly great pillow as pictured above.
{commence the wailing and gnashing of teeth}

So I sucked it up, gave myself a pep talk, and hit Target.

Why Target?
Because within the glory that is Target, they  sell super inexpensive curtain panels in great lengths than can be used for all manner of sewing projects, like recovering my sad, sad pillows.

So here is what I concocted and I have to give myself a wee pat on the back because I think they look spiffy.
{go team!}

I like the fix, it looks intentional, and I’m no longer crying over what the chairs used to be.


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  1. elizabeth bashful
    03.23.2011 at 04:16

    Just lovely =-D

  2. Christie
    03.23.2011 at 12:50

    That looks great! You should be proud. I sewed a slipcover ONCE. That cured me….

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