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03.2.2011 by Megan Home Front

I’m back.
{not that i left or anything}

I fell off the map because My Soldier was still gone, I was am swimming in laundry, and there has been a lot of other hoopla going on.

But! I have not completely ignored the interwebs and all of their goodness.
{you lucky ducks you}

This loverly quilt made with Liberty of London prints.
{be still my beating heart and wallet}

Totally my newest favoritist bliggity-blog. It’s called Nerd Boyfriend. Nuf said.
{but seriously and in all seriousness My Soldier’s civvy (army speak for civilian) wardrobe will be impacted}

I’m taking the Reclaim Your Waistline class at Stone Soup.
The Soldier and I can never seem to get on the same page about food. {other than we both love it} I’ve been following the Stone Soup Blog for a while now and I love the simplicity of the food there.

I’m pretty sure if I was not surgically attached to my Kindle I would need this nightstand book keeper.
{and then i start dreaming of owning large power tools. sigh.}

More later this week. I’ll confess my issues with laundry, complete with oh-so-embarrassing photos.
You might even get lucky with a second post on the dress that I am about to finish!
{one arm hole and hem away from total cuteness}



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