7 photos for 8 days

Do you ever have one of those weeks that is SO crazy full that by the end of it you feel like Monday was a month ago?
{i’m pretty sure that question doesn’t even make sense, but that is how i feel at this exact moment }

So our chaotic three weeks of guests came to a close this week.
The chaos was not limited to just having three sets of overlapping guests.
{no, no, that would be far too easy}

So instead of killing your self esteem (yet again) by reminding you that you don’t rank as high as crazy fun with family and friends, I decided to give you a photo-a-day to depict our last weekish.

Ok, so the only reason I didn’t limit this experiment in photo-journalism is because last Saturday (the 2nd) My Helper turned the big zero-four!
{being a mom my mommish instincts demand that i acknowledge the birth of my offspring}


Summary: we made cupcakes, she cried, we went to the beach, she cried, we came home, she cried.
{are you catching a theme here?}

Summary: we had a going away party at the beach for these cute faces. No one cried. But we will.
Bonus: our friend and Navy pilot couldn’t be in attendance so he did a fly-by of the beach we were partying at.

Summary: we had to say good-bye to The Kiwi and his wife. The Soldier took the day off and we went with his mom, his brother (The Gamer) and sis-in-law to The Polynesian Cultural Center. My Soldier and My Cadet bonded over Tahitian drums.

Summary: the tourists did touristy things in this very touristy place.
{hence the parasail aerial photo of Waikiki}

Summary: we had a total tourist fail on the North Shore. Crazy electric storm. We had to say goodbye to these Jokers.

Summary: although we were definitely entitled to a bit of rest after weeks of go-go-go I had a 4 hour PWOC board meeting. I then spent the day glued to news media wondering if the government was going to shutdown.
{let’s just pause for a moment and i’ll introduce you to the 6 new gray hairs i received from the back-and-forth panic of if The soldier was going to get a paycheck}
There was nothing worth photographing as a result.

Summary: I battled the commissary with the the whole Y2K crowd since we were all under the impression that the impending shutdown would leave us all commissary-less. We had a sweet night with good friends eating pizza grilled by My Soldier. Congress wised up and made a deal. And more importantly God brought this little guy into the world!

Summary: We had some our dearest friends The Kenyans over for dinner, pie and coffee. He deploys shortly and this was one of our last times to just chill before wheels up.

So that was my week. I did manage to sew a few things in the small pauses between playing chauffeur/tour guide/chef/travel agent.

Tonight is date night.
{the giddyness cannot be contained}


  2 comments for “7 photos for 8 days

  1. namesake
    04.10.2011 at 17:28

    I love reading your blog. I love the way you write. I love your life and the way you embrace it. I love your photos. I love looking through your eyes into your world.
    I hate that we don’t live within driving distance.

  2. 04.10.2011 at 20:56

    you SEWED this week? dear goodness my friend.

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