a diaper bag

{unless of course you are like me and canNOT handle surprises. then read on friend. read on.}

Our friend’s The Coastie and his charming southern wife just had a precious baby boy.

{by the way: everyone and their mother’s aunt are having oodles of babies right now. i might be a wee bit jealous. a wee little bit.}

Boy howdy is he a cute little peanut.

So I asked the Coastie’s Wife a few months ago what baby-mama and/or baby gift she would like me to make for her.
She requested (in all her loverly endearing southern charm) a diaper bag.
So I wiped the sweat from my brow and thanked the Lord in heaven that it was an easy request.

Easy and free since my fabric stash is a bit ridiculously engorged at the moment.


Ta da!!
::::said like wall-e::::

I used to rock a bag like this.
I can’t take credit for the initial design, its a knock-off from one I saw on the internet.
{bee tea dub (long for BTW (short for by the way)) i am oh so grateful for the ability to recreate stuff without a pattern. it has saved us heaps of My Soldier’s hard earn government paid money.}

It’s got a funky pocket in the front and zippered mom-pocket in the back.
{bee tea dub (look at you catching on in all your cleverness) mom pockets save your sanity. Jesus saves your soul. coffee, mom pockets (not mom jeans!!) and good books save your sanity}

On to the main event.

Because if you’ve had kids, then you know, a good pocket is crazy essential.

Mom-pocket is necessary to store all the mom-type-things. Like Starbucks cards…and kindles…and noise-canceling headphones.
But inside it’s like a McDonald’s playland.
All sorts of child-like insanity can be contained in the many pockets of this diaper bag.

Triple bonus because I love My Soldier and respect his man-card, it’s gender-neutral enough that when The Coastie wants a gold star for his man-card, he can carry the diaper bag.
Because real men do it anyways!!

{wow! i am all about the public service announcements tonight!}

So anywho, that’s what I’ve been dinking around with.
Although, my life is currently crazy busy so I’m not all too sure how I found time to dink around at all.


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  1. The Coastie's Wife
    04.27.2011 at 13:57

    Thank you for posting your blog to FB so I can not only FB stalk you but also blog stalk you . . . I am such a creeper! I find it ridiculously awesome that you think a diaper bag is an easy request and I’m SO happy that I could help you remedy a bit of that fabric engorgement (way too familiar of word choice for me right now). And in case I hadn’t told you enough . . . I’m LOVING the bag!

  2. Christie
    05.17.2011 at 15:53

    That bag is gorgeous! :)

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