wednesday wanderings

I feel frazzled. A bit caddywampus.
{i’m all about the made up words. don’t judge.}

I’ve spent all week playing catch up and I’m barely getting through.
If pride didn’t prevent me from showing you, I’d say, you should see my house right now!!!”
{and honestly if you did show up it’s not like i’d send you packing. i probably wouldn’t even make excuses}

In theory I’ll have the weekend to actually catch up.
But that would involve an epic laundry marathon that I don’t think I’m adequately trained for.
{this is where i want to make fun of home-ec majors (out of jealously) for their laundry marathon training. but alas, i’m out of witty remarks.}

I feel like I need a day to empty my head and focus so that I can actually think clearly and be effective again.
I don’t have that luxury. Sad face.
Because just when I think I will have a normal moment with a regular and reliable routine my friend texts and asks me to come to a last minute farewell dinner.
And since I don’t know if I will see her again this side of heaven I query My Soldier and he encourages me to go.

Thankfully in seasons like this I can take comfort in God’s word.
It’s a well-spring of life.
{like a day spa with free lattes}

I would say it is my only solace right now, but by God’s grace {hal-lelu-jah!! said like a black southern baptist preacher} The Soldier is completely calm and cool-headed.
{very james dean-esque in his coolness}
If you’ve ever met My Soldier, you would know that that is his natural state of mind.
{and proof that Jesus loves me, (other than dying on the cross) i won the Master’s College husband lottery and landed the calm and collected guy}

One thing throwing salt into the cake batter is that my doctor informed me that I have 2 slipped discs and sciatica.
{you know you’re jealous}
So although I’m stoked to know the source of my back pain {read: killer lower back pain leading to shooting pain down my legs} it’s not very convenient.

Yadda yadda yadda, I digress.
{from what i don’t know}
Anywhoo, back to the wandering.
This popped up in Reeder from Inspired to Action.
BAM! {said like emeril lagasse}
Hello weekly retreat!!

Thank you Lord for meeting me where I am at, frazzled, walking like an 80-year-old…and via a blog!
{amen and amen}

:::I’m so crazy done right now that I’m not even going to edit this:::