if i was a good army wife…

…I would have posted yesterday on Memorial Day.
I hopped on my Reeder this a.m. to a flood of Memorial Day posts.
Apparently it is blog etiquette {and in fact, military blog proticol}  to have a heart-felt post on Memorial Day.
{i missed that somewhere in the instruction manual}

Instead I spent the day with my family and some friends.
I spent the day grateful for My Soldier and the fact that he is a soldier.
I spent the day grateful for those who laid down their lives to ensure our freedom.
I prayed with a heavy heart for our friends who are deployed currently.

This morning I saw a tweet from myself from Memorial Day last year when My Soldier was playing G.I. Joe in the sands of Iraq.
It said:
My Soldier* is a hero to most because he sacrificially serves the USA.
He is a hero to us because he sacrificially serves Christ and his family.
{*twitter name changed to protect my sanity}

That is how this Army wife celebrates Memorial Day, and Veteran’s Day, and the 4th of July and any other patriotic holiday I’m forgetting.