on my fight to become a minimalist

Have I mentioned that I wish I was a minimalist?
I probably have and will likely mention it again.

In my constant effort to decorate our home I drool over photos or spend HOURS on Pinterest just looking at interiors.
I’m always drawn to simpler styles of homes in England.
The ones that are clean without being sterile.
They are filled with things that are both functional and beautiful and I think that often gets lost.
I love a interiors that are a little bit worn, a little bit industrial and a little bit pretty.

{side-note my current obsession is finding a new tea kettle ~ i like the one in this pic}


Lately I’ve been purging our home of things I don’t love, are unitaskers or don’t serve a purpose.
I’m not making room for anything in particular, but I am making a concentrated effort to make room.
I’m not necessarily in a war against clutter {although with my personality, i probably should be} but in an effort to edit, I only want to bring items into our home that we truly love.

My Soldier loves when I purge.
I just had the Fill-in-the-Blank Association for the Blind/Impoverished/Orphaned truck pick up a LARGE load of stuff this A.M.
As the hours ticked on this morning waiting for the truck to arrive I got a little hasty and just started chucking stuff onto the porch.

I got rid of:
A wee appliance of the George Foreman variety,
two colanders,
a knife block,
lots of unitasking cooking utensils {generally of the wedding registry variety where i tend to wonder; why did i register for that?},
lots of coffee mugs {although in my soldier’s very humble opinion i did not give away enough mugs},
15 items out of my wardrobe,
lots of old clothes from The Cadet {all of our littlest people friends are of the feminine variety right now},
and LOTS of toys, {bee tea dub ~ my little helper went through all of her toys and decided to give away a whole basket of toys. it was a happy parenting moment.}
There was more, but not nearly enough.
Thankfully we figured out that said Brotherly/Community/Foundation for the Fill-in-the-Blank and their loverly trucks will allow me to schedule little porch gatherings anytime I want. {they are so accommodating!}

Now that I have the freedom to have someone remove my junk for me, I am a LOT more inclined to do so regularly.
But here is the trixy part: we are an army family.
We will not be planted in one place for any longer than 3 years.
Our history says it’s likely more frequent than that.
Nothing irks me more than having to re-buy something I just got rid of.
Not to mention the waste of money that’s associated with such purchases.
So my thought since we moved to this loverly little island of Aloha is: keep it simple.

If there is a more timeless quality to the stuff you decorate with it’s a whole lot easier to incorporate it into a new space.
We’ve lucked out thus far, but we bought an industrial modular shelving unit that’s a beast, and it worked PERFECTLY in our very 1st studio apartment in The City of Angels, since then it has been a fight to make it “work” in our homes since then.
{part of the issue is that my design aesthetic when we were first married was Ikea}

Off to do a bit more purging, rearranging, re-evaluating of all our earthly possessions.
Happy Tuesday!