what to make? that is the question

I have a friend. We’ll call her Eeyore.
She was given this nickname at a Christian Camp we both worked at many many moons ago.
She was given this nickname because her maiden name was Robben.
Like Christopher Robin but spelled correctly.

Anywho, this friend dropped me a line this week and asked me to whip up something for an auction she is hosting next month.
{large gulp. nervous sweats. and then total brain fart.}

She is working along side an organization called Into the Streets of Ethiopia.
Eeyore and her hubby…
{interrupting this regularly scheduled random thought to let you all know that Eeyore ended up marrying one of my childhood neighbors. like 2-doors down has known-me-most-of-my-life-type neighbor. she was one of my bridesmaids in all her single hotness all the while i knew her future hubby.}
So Eeyore and her hubby have a super-de-dupper cute little man who is a month older than The Cadet.
They adopted this cutie from Ethiopia just over a year ago.
He makes their hearts happy.
{ours too, you should see the christmas cards these cute people produce!}
Subsequently they have a HUGE ♥ for the ministry that Into the Streets of Ethiopia is doing to bring formula to kids in orphanages.

Fast-forward to the email I got from Eeyore this week.
She’s hosting an auction to raise money for Into the Streets of Ethiopia and she asked if I’d be willing to donate something.
My response: HECK YES I WILL!!

Enter the brain fart, or sewer’s block {akin to writer’s block but without the accompanying headache} or just inadequateness of making auction worthy-able items.

So now the cogs are turning, and I’m kicking myself for not getting my etsy site into gear.
{or having my tags finished, or having the fabric on hand to accomplish something uh-mazing}

Any thoughts?

It probably needs to be mailed no later than the 7th, since it  has to make it to the land of the hipsters by the 12th.
That means nothing that requires too much intricate piecing or hand sewing or a trip to the contingent 48 for major fabric purchases.

I will now spend the next 12 hours dinking around Pinterest looking for inspiration.