a not so revolutionary post on baking

I’m a little shocked that I don’t discuss my cooking ventures on this little bliggity blog a bit more.
I cook daily.
It’s my stress reliever.
It’s one of the few things I do really well.

Maybe it’s because it’s such a routine part of my life that I don’t really give it a second thought?
Who knows.
I’ll make a more concentrated effort to posts recipes that I’m loving, experiments that fail, and my approach to cooking for the masses.
{because I tend to cook for crowds of ten or more on almost a weekly basis}

Today I want to talk about my favorite carb.
Not just bread, but really good bread.
{like the bread mentioned by colette in ratatouille. and yes i just referenced an animated film as standard for food quality.}

My secret is the same¬† as the everyone else in this half of the blogosphere that likewise can’t bake:
Aritsan Bread in Five Minutes a Day.
{bee tea dub: the half that can bake is lead by the bakerella, smitten kitchen, and the pioneer woman}

And my baking secret?
I just follow the directions exactly.
{there is nothing revolutionary about this post. sorry.}

About once a week I pound out a batch and it sits in this big kid sized storage container and I just pull out a loaf when I want to bake one.

This is what the process looks like.
It doesn’t dirty anything large.
{like my kitchenaide 6qt mixer bowl that i hate cleaning with a passion}
It’s hand mixed and comes together in less than 10 minutes.
Between loaves of bread that we tend to bring to social occasions, and for pizza crust (which My Soldier grills with amazing skill) I probably make a batch or 2 a week.
Hence the need for a container to hold 10lbs of flour.
Which I buy in bulk.
{each batch calls for 6.5 cups of flour. that’s 13 cups of flour a week just for bread!}

On an unrelated note.
Taking this photo single-handedly forced me to rearrage my counter tops. I couldn’t handle how cluttered the counter was with all of my cookbooks crammed in that back corner.
I have since moved them to the top of my cupboards.
More on that later.

Happy Thursday!