friday confession

I have a Black Thumb.
{and i’m not referring to my race, although my thumb is literally black (actually it’s closer to a mocha)}

The black thumb I’m referring to is the one that is the direct opposite of a green thumb.
I kill plants.

I so regularly kill plants that my Soldier has encouraged me to give up the gardening institution for good.
And that made my ♥ real sad because I want to be a gardener!!
I want to give Martha Stewart a run for her money and grow my own produce.
I live in one of the easiest states in which to grow food and I still can’t keep anything alive.

It seems no amount of quality time at Home Depot or hours spent reading can prevent this:

or this…
Apparently I over-watered these guy who used to be lush green wheat grass.

The over-watering was probably me over doing it to make up for killing these guys:

The guy on the right used to be hanging like the plant the picture above until a crazy Hawaiian wind storm decided otherwise.
{the nerve of some weather patterns}

Both of these were under-watered.
{i can’t wrap my head  around the needs of the botanical world}

What you will notice in this picture is the thriving green onion plant in the large metal box.
My secret?
I don’t touch it.
I cut some green onions to cook with, and some rain happens to hit it occasionally but I’m pretty sure it is the hardiest plant in God’s creation. It just grows back.
{right up their with cockroaches in their crazy perseverance}

Oh well, for now I will stick to my Soldier’s advice and leave planting to the farmers.
I figure if I can’t hack it after living in Hawaii for a year and a half then maybe I’m wasting my time.

Happy Friday!

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  1. Melanie
    06.25.2011 at 22:07

    I killed all of mine too… have you seen my front porch lately?? its very sad.

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