hello boppy

Miss Melanie had a new baby a couple of weeks back.
{it might not have been that long but we haven’t seen them but once since. we try and keep our germ infested preschoolers away from wee little babes}
Here name is Ainsley and she is 100% perfect and 100% opposite of her sweet but bruiser of a brother.
{seriously, the kiddo is 1 month older than the cadet and he’s got 10lbs and 6″ on our not-so-little guy}

If you dink around Melanie’s blog you’ll see that she has been living up the opportunity to make super girly items for baby girl.
But it left me TOTALLY stumped as to what to make for this totally capable seamstress.
They PCS’d from Alaska a few months back so there is no shortage of blankets for the wee one who is born during spring in Hawaii.
I ended up just asking her for a request because I was totally stumped.
Thankfully she had a very specific request so it was easy peasy for this pathetic friend.

A Boppy cover, quilted with Moda’s Hullabaloo fabric line.

Done, and Done.

The front was trixy for a couple of reasons.
Firstly, I was flying by the seat of my cropped denim shorts {in my typical approach to sewing} so that meant no pattern and no direction. Awesome.
Secondly, I was working with a charm pack for the top so that I could use most of the fabric line.
The problem with that is that I couldn’t pre-wash it which is uber-necessary when making stuff for little people.
So I made a generously large pattern, basically made a Boppy-shaped quilt, washed and dried it and then assembled the cover.
I made The Soldier give me a pat on the back for that little work of genius.
{which he often does since he thinks sewing is hard and that I am accomplishing great feats with a needle and thread}
Yay for washable baby items!!

And because she is super-mom she has somehow been able to squeeze in some quilting during her massive amount of free time as a new mother of two.
{pretty sure my sewing machine didn’t see the light of day for many moons after either kid was born}
Melanie is currently working on a a star quilt with the same fabric line.
{it’s turning out super cute}

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Winners announced this coming Sunday!