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My friend Bef {who is all kinds of fun} annually makes a summer mix.
This is a throwback to days of yore where you would sit listening to the radio, finger primed and ready on the record button, waiting to create the perfect mix tape.
{p.s. am i the only one who did that?}

For the past three years I have anxiously awaited her annual composition of music which is packed with a great mix of feel good, top 40, indie rock, and pure nostalgia.

This year she inspired me to do the same, and then just shy of threatened me if I didn’t share it.
{and completely guilted me into by saying that ‘sharing is caring’}
Warning: It’s not everybody cuppa joe.
Everywhere I have lived seams to left it’s musical impression on me.
That friends is how you end up with The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Adele, and Brad Paisley end up on a single playlist.
Don’t judge!
{unless you are one of the aforementioned groups to which you every right to judge, and shake your head, and bawk at my ability to sell out}

  1. Chicken Fried — Zac Brown Band
  2. Repo Man — Ray LaMontagne & The Pariah Dogs
  3. Love Roller Coaster — The Red Hot Chili Peppers
  4. 15 Step — Radiohead
  5. What Part Of Forever — Cee Lo Green
  6. Nothing On You (ft. Bruno Mars) — B.O.B.
  7. Rolling In The Deep — Adele
  8. Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall — Coldplay
  9. Drumming Song — Florence + The Machine
  10. Grey Street (Live from Central Park) — The Dave Matthews Band
  11. Follow You Down — Gin Blossoms
  12. I Play The Road — Zac Brown Band
  13. Heart Like Mine — Miranda Lambert
  14. American Honey — Lady Antebellum
  15. Innocent — Taylor Swift
  16. American Baby — The Dave Matthews Band
  17. Closer To Free — The BoDeans
  18. Hands Down — Dashboard Confessional
  19. Island In The Sun — Weezer
  20. Just Breathe — Pearl Jam
  21. Man In The Mirror — James Morrison
  22. Don’t Stop The Music — Jamie Cullum
  23. Just The Way You Are — Bruno Mars
  24. P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) [Glee Cast Version] — Glee Cast
  25. How I Got Over — The Roots
  26. Howlin’ For You — The Black Keys
  27. The Fixer — Pearl Jam
  28. Rope — The Foo Fighters
  29. Feel Good Inc. — The Gorrillaz
  30. Never There — Cake
  31. Hard Times — John Legend & The Roots
  32. 100 Yard Dash — Raphael Saadiq
  33. Eh Hee (Live from Piedmont Park) — The Dave Matthews Band
  34. Sigh No More — Mumford & Sons
  35. As She’s Walking Away (ft. Alan Jackson) — Zac Brown Band
  36. Runaway — Love and Theft
  37. Fast Cars And Freedom — Rascal Flatts
  38. Welcome To The Future —  Brad Paisley
  39. I Need You — Tim McGraw (ft. Faith Hill)

Most of these songs are iconic summer songs for me.
{it was hard to limit some of my favorite summer-type artists to a few songs on this mix}

I love road tripping and miss it heaps since moving to this wee little island.
I love driving, and driving particularly loooong distances. It’s relaxing.
This mix started as a long playlist which made me want to go for a long summer drive.
121 songs covering the full spectrum of our music library all boiled down to this year’s summer mix.
I hope you enjoy!!