when you hate your closet

Hate is a strong word.
And actually can’t be applied to most of my closet.
I do happen to own one of the most senseless wardrobes for someone who lives in Hawaii.
{i do hate that i can’t wear most of my clothes with any frequency because they are either too warm or too dressy}
But that is not the current source of the hate, this tank is:

(image from target.com)

I bought this tank from Targét sometime last year.
My biggest complaint was that it was sewn wrong, that bottom button-down section was off center and it bugged me.
Also, it’s way outside my color palette comfort zone.
{i live in a world of ivory, beige, taupe, black, gray and navy. red is too bright.}

So instead of donate it, I decided to upcycle it into a halter dress for My  Helper.
{p.s. upcycle is hipster for recycling something into something you like better}
I spent many hours with a seam ripper because of this little do-dad.
My fingers have not forgiven me for the hours of torture.
But despite sewing and re-sewing that blasted binding 10 times it came out fabulously!

Ta dah!

Isn’t the pose just too much?
{bee  tea dub: my helper needs zero help in the posing department. it’s a perk of having a 4-going-on-24 year old}
Ready for another stellar one?

We don’t have cable so I can’t even blame it on re-runs of America’s Next Top Model.
But before you worry about the middle-aged nature of my little girl, here’s proof that she’s still a preschooler.
{and pretty dang cute if you ask me!}

I love her little dress.
Múy perfecto for our little island life.
{bea tea dub: my español dates back to jr. high so don’t reference me for any term papers}

Happy Monday!!

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