friday confession

This is really more like a Wednesday Wanderings and Friday Confession 2-for-1 special.
The confession is that my home {read anywhere i stay longer than 10-minutes} is naturally super cluttered.
It’s less disorganized and more organized chaos, but the chaos is driving me crazy lately.
It’s likely due to the fact that there are three other persons in my space contributing to the chaos.
{in the case of the army brats that chaos often is running in circles and being ridiculously loud}

So in an effort to be proactive I regularly read a few homemaking/organization blogs.
{key word is read. implementing said organization is a completely different story}
This week I came across this post in my Reeder.
It’s all about minimizing your wardrobe.
Something I had already begun because of this post.
{most females need to downsize their wardrobes. I am no exception}

Well the Project 333 post lead me to this post & this post.
It brought to mind how refreshing it is to have more space (both physical and mental).
It also made me think hard about contentment and then convicted me on my lack of contentment.
How living in clutter;
a) makes the job of cleaning harder {boo};
2) makes it more difficult to enjoy our home.;
iii) is overall very distracting.

I had already been thinking about this article about the age of distraction and how truly distracted I really am.
Which lead me to download this program to disconnect me from my biggest distraction (the ole interwebs)
{and evidently i need it desperately since i’m hopping about the interwebs endlessly}

This has all been wrapped up in a crazy purge of unnecessary things in our home.
We’re still working on simplifying and so far it’s going well.
I’m still enjoying battling clutter around my home and the results have been astonishing.
{if i was smart i would have posted before and after photos….but I wasn’t. i’ll try and do that from now on}

Have a happy Independence Day!!
{also known in this army household as job security day. because once you’re truly independent you’ll fight hard to keep it that way!}