hello week gone by

Hooray for father-in-laws who happen to be tech gurus.
{seriously, he fixed the issue in an hour today and when he tried to explain it my brain exploded}

Ready for a marathon post/Independence Day recap?
Here we go…

We spent the 4th on the east side of the island with most of our teeny-tiny church plant.
My Soldier thought it would be brilliant to drive to our friend’s house and then bike into “town” to watch the 4th of July parade from another friend’s driveway.
{my quads protested loudly at this arrangement but i’m happy we did it anyways}

Part of the brilliance that is our friends is the kiddie pool we put smack dab on the edge of the parade route to keep the kiddos cool.

Exhibit A:
That’s the Cadet in all his pastey-white glory.
{he’s still so cute, and check that hair! future lady killer for sure}

Both the Army brats waving flags with pride.

We watched the whole parade expecting the Army to have the coolest float and to our utter sadness they weren’t even there!!
Instead The Coast Guard of all branches showed everybody up!
{seriously though, the coastie and his wife were sidelines with us and they were even shocked that the coast guard had by far the coolest float}

Exhibit B:

Crazy awesome, right?
Hats to you Coast Guard.

The funny thing about the sideline kiddie pool is that everyone marching in the parade thought it was the greatest idea ever!
So much so that participants would stop their forward progress to take pictures of our kids in the kiddie pool.
No joke! The Hawaii state Governor even stopped to get a picture with our kids.
Too funny.

So the parade took up most of the morning and we spent the evening at another set of friends house for a kick back BBQ.
We brought most of the food and I had taken a gamble at changing my tried and true hamburger meat recipe.
I’ll never go back again.
Seriously, there is something to be said for simplicity in cooking.
My Soldier and his buddy even grilled bacon to go on said fabulous burgers.
1. Who knew you could grill bacon?
b. Who knew it would take a bacon cheeseburger to a yumminess factor not previously reached?
{evidently my soldier did and clearly that is why we are married}

In other news…
I finally defrosted our large upright freezer this week.
Apparently you are supposed to do this quite frequently, or at least before there is over an inch of ice and frost.
(see those coils at the back of the 2nd shelf, that is what was buried under a layer of permafrost)
It was serious bad news bears in there.
What I didn’t realize, {other than the defrost regularly part} was that defrosting a freezer is another term for flood your laundry room!
I spent half of my day cursing the inch of ice that was turning into a frosty waterfall out the front of the freezer.
{plus side is that it forced me to wash every towel in our home}

The randomness that was an impromptu freezer defrost on Tuesday led to MAJOR praise yesterday because our power went out for 12 hours.
The super awesome part of the 12 hour power outage was that at hour 9 I talked to Army housing who had zero clue why the power was out and zero indication as to when it would be back on.
So since I had no idea how long this little jaunt into the 19th century would last I was grateful that I didn’t have a potential glacial flood ahead of us.

So that was the key points of the week.
I’m off to continue the great house purge of 20-eleven!