the new project

I’ve got a rotten case of The Mondays.
{please tell me you’ve seen office space. and that you have a red swingline stapler because of office space. because i do}

My Soldier got me sick this weekend with a killer head cold that I think is mutating into an awesome sinus infection.
Which means my head feels fuzzy.
{must quote you’ve got mail anytime you have a head cold. nobody does sick as well as kathleen kelly}

Bonus: I made it through 2 hours of my day today before I realized the power was out.
Then I surprised myself with how many things I can do in the a.m. before I need electricity.
Examples: roll over and go back to sleep,
ignore child who wants to be chipper too early in the day,
read my bible,
check up on the world via my iphone,
embrace the grumpy child who is super annoyed by the chipper child,
& get ready for my day.

It was at that point when My Helper (bless her heart) could not longer wait for me to read her a stack of books she so painstakingly selected that I realized I needed coffee in a desperate way.
There was no coffee to be had my friends.

The power was on by nap time so all is well in the utilities department.

I have a new project that I’m itching to start and finish.
Although I’m in the middle of a few projects, this one excites me for a couple of reasons.
Firstly it is a king sized quilt for our great friends (The Pastor and The Pastor’s Wife).
I’ve been eager to make them a quilt since we moved here largely because their eldest son has an absent-minded habit of eating the batting out of the middle of their existing quilt.
So secondly they need a quilt.
See a need fill a need.

This it the Hills n’ Hollers quilt pattern from Denyse Schmidt.
I don’t care what the all too brilliant Denyse Schmidt might say, those are surf boards.
I’m so very excited because The Pastor is a surfer, they drip with surf culture, they LOVE living here in Hawaii and it totally fits their style.
The Pastor’s wife is actually hunting down vintage Aloha Shirts for me to use as the surf board fabric.

I’m a little intimidated because the king sized version of the quilt rocks a whopping 94 surf boards that are all appliqued on.
Instead of sticking to the pattern which calls for you to use your needle to turn under the seam as you sew, I will be using this method from The Purl Bee.
I’ll still have to hand sew them all but it should speed things up considerably.

I’ll keep you posted on the progress!
Hope I’m the only one with a case of The Mondays!

  3 comments for “the new project

  1. 07.26.2011 at 06:30

    I recognized your “You’ve got Mail” quote on facebook but didn’t know if you were quoting Kathleen Kelly on purpose of if it just happened that way. Hope you’re head feels better soon. Maybe you need some friendly daisies.

  2. 08.25.2011 at 04:11

    Hey Megan! Just discovered your website – so fun to read! You’re totally inspiring as I want to care more about creative household stuff (right now I struggle with seeing housework as some new form of slavery).

    Your Pastor & Pastor’s wife on Oahu, did they go to TMC? I visited Mikaela Bruce when she lived there and I met a pastor & wife who were very cool. The wife had an interesting name which I can’t recall now, but I really enjoyed spending time with them! I’m sure they’ll love the quilt — who wouldn’t?!?

    Maybe you’ve addressed this on your blog but I haven’t seen it. How can one go about learning to sew? How did you learn? I’d really like to have the skill, but don’t even know where to start!

    • Megan
      08.25.2011 at 06:58

      You’ve inspired me to write a post about the whole adventure into sewing.
      Funny that the Pastor & Pastor’s wife did both go to Masters, but they aren’t the couple you met with Mikaela. That’s my good friend Berit and incidentally I am also in the middle of a quilt for them based on a map of the Tokyo subway system. Berit and her husband Tony actually did our pre-marital in California 6+ years ago and my hubby used to work for him. They are super fun and godly people.

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