the task

My favorite definition of organization:
the ability to find anything in your home in 5 minutes or less.
Should be attainable.
{and is a much more realistic goal for someone who thrives in organized chaos}
So as I continue to move from room to room in our Army-issue home removing things that are cluttering it up, I always avoid 1 specific area.

There is a closet at the top of the staircase that I presume is supposed to be meant for linens?
{if it is then what army family is trudging around a giant closet full of linens from home to home?}

{bee tea dub: it is crazy hard to take a picture of a closet when you have to stand on the stairs to get the whole thing in frame}
This average mild-mannered closet spends the bulk of it’s time as a place to hang the Army Brats’ laundry hamper.
{and yes, i did laundry the day after this was taken}

But! It has a chaotic alter-ego…

{hellooooo books!}
I would like to call myself a bibliophile, a collector of books, but let’s be honest here, I hoard them!

Obviously there are more books than there is space in this closet.
That is problem numero uno.
The biggest problem is that to tackle this organization issue I would have to pull all the books out of the closet which would make maneuvering through the upstairs hallway a major pain.

I would LOVE to have them all nice and alphabetized since I have a recurring problem with the present lack-of-organization system:
it takes me forever + a day to find anything.
I read,  re-read, lend to friends, and reference books a lot!
So standing in front of the closet for 45 minutes looking for Mere Christianity is counterproductive.
{true story, 45 minutes to find the thing}
What complicates matters further is that we have books scattered all over the house.

Although I’m tempted to go all Dewey Decimal on the books I think I’ll settle for simple alphabetization.
Now if I only had motivation to start….

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  1. Christine
    07.12.2011 at 05:52

    Megan! I know this doesn’t help your closet task at hand, but there is a software called Delicious Library ( that helps to keep it organized once it’s been organized. Kind of. I had to go through all of my books because I was moving and my problem was cataloging so that even if I kept books in boxes, I could know which books I had. If you’re going to go through the trouble of pulling them out and rearranging them, you might as well catalog them too!

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