wednesday wanderings

The Task edition!
Not much wandering because I’ve been focused on tackling our dreaded closet of books.
My Soldier was off yesterday {thanks army!} so we hunkered down during nap time and got 1/4 of the work done.

” Why so little?” you ask.
Well my friend Christine pointed out in a comment on the last post that we should catalog our books in the process.
This was already on our pre-move To Do list.,
{when you are constantly moving there is always a pre-move to do list even if the move is over a year away}
but her comment gave me the kick in the pants I needed.
{bee tea dub, it also takes a really long time to alphabetize books}

Enter GoodReads!
GoodReads is technically a social network for bibliophiles.
And since I’m not big on social networking for us it’s more a place to track what I’m currently reading and catalog our library.
My friend Shay wrote an awesome post on GoodReads which describes it better.

So what moved cataloging our books up a year on ye ole To Do list?
The GoodReads Scanner app for the iPhone!
It doesn’t work so great unless you have an iPhone 4,
but thankfully My Soldier happens to posses such a fine piece of high-techery.
{happy father’s day to you soldier!}

It scans the barcode of a book, logs it, and (if you pay $0.99) will allow you to export the list to later be imported into GoodReads.
{yes, please, and thank you}

It’s intended purpose is to see the GoodReads review on a book by scanning the barcode, which isn’t really worth it to me.
Being able to catalog 240+ books in a naptime?
Worth way more than that.
I still had to manually put in some books by isbn because they were either really old, or because our lovely college bookstore felt the need to put stickers over the barcodes with super-glue or some other nonsense.
Glad to be making headway but won’t be able to do much more till the weekend.

Happy wanderings!