friday confession

I know I have hinted at my love for blogs in general, but specifically I have an addiction to sewing blogs.
Let’s define addiction for you:
I subscribe to no less than 50 sewing-related blogs.

{this is where i attempt to justify if only to myself why-oh-why so many sewing blogs}
Unlike lifestyle bloggers, sewing bloggers don’t update daily.
Most don’t update weekly.
So by no means am I reading 50 blogs a day, not even 50 a week.
They update occasionally with a new project or tutorial and it is within these posts that I learned most of my sewing skills.

I am also picky.
I don’t like bright and busy stuff, so most quilters I can’t handle.
The joy of sewing is that it all comes down to fabric choice.
What is too busy for me because of a large selection of too bright fabrics can be simplified by my own fabric selection.
{hello beige linen!}

A mate from college of mine asked specific questions on the last two posts so I have decided to answer her questions here on the ole bliggity blog.

So here are my current favorite sewing blogs and why I love them!

General Sewing
Sew, Mama, Sew
Great tutorials on lots of household, clothing, and kids items. I don’t love it all but it is still a great resource. They also have a fabric shop which has reasonable prices.

The Purl Bee
The blog portion of the NYC shop Purl Soho. {i would be content to die in that store just because of their stock of liberty of london fabrics} The blog covers knitting and crocheting as well but their sewing projects are really awesome.

Eighteenth Century Agrarian Business (ECAB)
She has lots of awesome sewing tutorials, every single one of them I would use. I love every aspect of her blog, not just the sewing tutorials.

Design Sponge
Design Sponge is another just all around legit blog. Their DIY posts and particularly their Sewing 101 series is super informative.

Make Something
Her quilting aesthetic makes me swoon. Muted yet still full all the charm of patchwork. Karen’s blog is actually my favorite blog right now. Her clothing is amazing and she established my love for Japanese pattern books. No real tutorials but awesome inspiration.

Maggie and Sparrow
Again, no tutorials. She actually produces quilts to sell but her children’s quilts are totally inspiring. I wish I could combine fabrics the way she does. All of her quilts are modern yet feel timeless.

Red Pepper Quilts
An awesome resource chock full of tutorials. Her blog has helped my quilting technique remarkably.

Oh Fransson
Although we have very different design aesthetics, she sews awesome quilts and has great tutorials.

The blog from Colette Patterns. An amazing resource on sewing clothing. Their patterns have a vintage flare which I appreciate. Really detailed tutorials and they post them frequently.

Make Something
Seeing a theme? She sews a lot from Japanese Pattern books which have the awesome ability to look simple without looking cheap which when sewing clothing is really hard to do.

She lives in Spain. {that has little impact on her ability to sew, but i wouldn’t mind living in spain so it makes me love her blog that much more} I want her to sew an entire wardrobe for My Helper. She has mastered the art of making simple, modern, feminine clothing that doesn’t look painfully girly. {think poofy, bubble gum pink, and covered in bows}

Katie Did It
Sadly Katie doesn’t blog anymore because some Creepy McCreeperson used images of her darling kids as their own on Facebook and Flickr. Thankfully she has left the sight up thus far even though she hasn’t blogged in over a year. She is another person I wouldn’t mind having sew an entire wardrobe for My Helper. I wouldn’t mind wearing adult versions of the clothing she sews for her daughter. {seriously, scroll down to the tea time post at the bottom of the homepage—i’d wear it all}

By no means is that an exhaustive list.
It only covers blogs I reference frequently when it comes to sewing. At some other point in time I will have to post a list of my favorite tutorials. That would also be quite the extensive list.

I’m off to finish a dress to wear tonight.
I’m dragging My Soldier out on the town to celebrate his birthday.
He loathes having any attention focused on him and I love making him the center of attention.
Fun will be had!

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    Thanks for this, Megan! And have fun tonight!

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