friday confession

So remember many moons ago when I confessed my black thumb?
Well what I didn’t mention is that the skeletal hanging plants were my neighbors. {oops}
Her Navy hubby deployed 6 months ago and she and their adorable 4 month-old went back to Missouri to be with family during the deployment.
Like good military neighbors we’ve been watching the house.
{my guess is that since we live on the other side of the duplex wall from them that we would have a bit more vested interest in keeping it from burning down}

Well I oh-so-generously asked if I could also take care of her hanging plants.
Which I eagerly adopted,
and then promptly killed.

So since they come back Sunday I figured it was time to do the ole Dead Goldfish Switcheroo.
I threw two cranky Army Brats into my SUV today and went to the garden store to buy replacements.
I hope they appreciate the perfectly taken care of hanging plants that now grace their back porch.