if you can’t stand the heat, spend 8 hours in a sweltering kitchen

 I love being cold.
Probably because I like all the things in the world designed to warm you up.
Coffee, tea, sweaters, scarves, quilts, fireplaces, you get the idea.

Here’s how a loverly sequence of events turned into God challenging my love for people.
Friday I got a call from my BFF Army Style that a wife of one of her Hubby’s squadmates had broken her ankle and was not really functioning enough to take care of herself and her 2 small children.
{did you track with that crazy loose association?}
The BFF Army Style asked if I’d be willing to bring her some meals since she is in Texas and can’t help.

So Saturday morning as I’m planning an epic cooking fest to make 7 meals for Down-Out & Deployed I shoot her an e-mail letting her know my plans and asked for requests.
I had gone out to buy groceries at the Commissary and when I walked in the house I about died.
{serious times call for serious drama}
Our Army-issue home was no longer pumping out Army-issue Air Conditioning.
In fact it still isn’t.

I don’t do hot.
That’s my biggest pet peeve with this here rock that we live on.
I literally have a hard time functioning if it’s higher than 80º.
And although this housewife hails from Seattle where it is wet and gray and perfect,
I have done my fair share of ridiculously hot places,
like 5 years in North Los Angeles on the border of the dessert,
and 3 years in Dallas where it is as hot as LA but with he added bonus of humidity.
I don’t really acclimate, I sit indoors with the A/C blasting and pretend it’s 65º instead of 110º.

So here I am, super hot {not supermodel hot, sweating profusely hot},
in a house with an inconsistent breeze and intermittent Hawaiian rains blowing in,
cooking a marathon of super involved food for someone I don’t know.
{the sarcasim implies my attitude towards the whole thing and the fact that the FRG should have been taking care of this whife while her hubby is deployed, but wasn’t}

So that was my day yesterday.
From scratch I made a lasagna, chicken enchiladas, chicken parmesan with homemade marinara sauce, and chocolate chip cookies.
That was all the heat I could stand so I bought a case of orange chicken and a case of pizzas from Costco as well.
BONUS: I also baked a pecan pie and a blackberry/raspberry pie for a farewell for The Coastie and The Coastie’s Wife last night.
{dear Coasties and your squishy baby, we love and miss you}
By the time I was done with it all the thermostat read 89º inside our stinkin house which was 2º warmer than it was outside.
I was a very unhappy camper as I threw a ton of food and two cranky nap-less children into my Durango.

About 10 minutes into the drive up to post I calmed down.
It was probably due to the combination of my car’s A/C, awesome music, driving, and prayer.
I hopped in the car at the beginning of crazy Hawaiian rush hour willingly because to me traffic is much more preferable to heat.
I was in a good mood (although running late) when I blew into Down-Out & Deployed’s home bringing lots and lots of food with me.
The look of relief on her face made my heart break.
I will likely never see her again but to know I filled a real need, as menial as it is brings such joy.
Hopefully she didn’t see any of my heat-related grumpiness through the whole situation, Lord willing she saw a bit of Christ instead.

I drove straight from her house to the farewell for The Coasties with our itty-bitty church plant.
By then the frustrations of the day were just a memory.
I was super blessed to come home and find that in the hour My Soldier was home in the afternoon he scrubbed my kitchen clean of all cooking-related residue.
He even made me coffee this morning.
{i ♥ him}

Today the mighty maintenance men will spend hours fixing our A/C unit.
My chores are largely done so I can spend the day sewing and doing art with the kids.
I might even get a bit of interweb wandering done although that requires sitting in front of a window with the sun staring down at me so I might pass.

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  1. Amanda
    08.3.2011 at 14:29

    Much appreciation for the use of loverly. So under-used since the fair lady days.

  2. 08.6.2011 at 13:34

    you’re amazing. i’m going to make your lasagna soon. and can you talk to my husband about typewriters? this brand new northwestern girl wants one.

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