on the not blogging

I haven’t been blogging.

When life gets chaotic it is the first thing that goes.
Life has been chaotic.

My darling boy, The Cadet, has been crazy disobedient and defiant this week.
All. Week. Long.
{it’s exhausting}

I try very hard to be consistent in my parenting.
God has set me the task to mother these wee babes {who are not so wee anymore},
and I’m trying {and often failing} to be a faithful parent to them.
That means that I have spent a HUGE chunk of this week reminding The Cadet about boundaries, respect, and authority.
Over, and over, and over and over….
{i’m currently shaking my head as i think back through some of the more outlandish moments this week}

Thankfully I recently read Loving the Little Years. Twice.
{it was that good}
It’s an amazing, gospel-centered, convicting, and encouraging read for those of us who are in the trenches surrounded by small people.

So now I must throw back another cup of coffee and try not to think too hard about My Soldier’s CRAZY schedule the next 2 weeks.
12 hour shifts, 14 days straight, starting on a Friday, because the Army thinks they’re clever.

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  1. 08.12.2011 at 16:24

    i know what’s going on the kindle next.

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