simplicity 3835

In my recent foray into sewing clothing for myself I have spent a lot of time dinking around blogs plotting my next project.
In my explorations I kept coming across the same pattern over and over.
It didn’t take me long to realize that the whole section of the sewing blogosphere was obsessed with one pattern.
And for good reason,
it time after time produced ridiculously cute items.

This is Simplicity 3835

This out of print pattern has caused a bit of a frenzy it seems.
Nobody can find it.
There are people online selling at at crazy prices as high as $35!
And of course I didn’t even know it existed until it had reached mythic status.

I have spent MONTHS hunting for it online.
Couldn’t find it at a price that wouldn’t break the bank.
I couldn’t justify $30+ dollars for A PATTERN to make a top/dress/tunic.
I struggle paying $30+ dollars at shopping Meccas like Anthro,…and Anthro for a top/dress/tunic.
{yes i realize there are other stores than anthro but i don’t care}

Well it wasn’t till I had a light bulb moment while reading a post about the elusive pattern on jmday that it even crossed my mind to look at brick and mortar sewing stores here.
Not only did I find the Holy Grail of patterns,
I found 10+ of them.
Apparently all cute and popular patterns in the rest of the world are completely unpopular in Hawaii.
Who knew?
I even snatched up several other out of print patterns that I have had my eye on.

Well I finally got to sew it today and I was super pleased with it.
(apologies for the stellar iphone via the bathroom window shot)
I managed to squeeze a combination of top C with the collar from dress A from 1 yard of grey linen.
It was a breeze to sew, it fits super well and it added yet another grey item of clothing to my wardrobe!
{my wardrobe lacks in any real color and it makes me happy}

Bonus for the rest of the people on the interwebs looking for Simplicity 3835,
I have 2 for sale in my etsy shop!
{and no, it is not going for $35}

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  1. ReneeWheeler
    08.12.2011 at 03:23

    I was a few minutes late on the larger one. Can you by anychance get another one? I sent you a message on Etsy too.
    Thank you!
    Renee W.
    Austin, TX

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