friday confession

I think I’m addicted to patterns.
Clothing patterns to be precise.
But to keep the financier/My Soldier happy, let’s call it a collection.

I cleaned to book room yesterday to make it functional for something other than sewing.
As I was putting everything away I realized that I have amassed a serious collection of sewing patterns.

This is the collection as it stands today.
{there might be 3 more patterns in the mail since vogue/butterick/mccall’s had a super sale this week}
As I examined the pile I realized that almost 1/3 of them are vintage, largely from my mother.
These are late 70’s and early 80’s gems.
She stopped sewing when I was a baby but apparently the sewing bug is genetic.
Sadly my mother was itty bitty in the late 70’s.
{not sad for her but sad for her normal sized daughter who now owns the patterns}
Once I figure out drafting/grading a bit more I think I can make use of them.
A few of the vintage ones I have personally stalked down online (in my size).
I’m giddy to sew most of these.

Another 1/3 of them are patterns for My Helper.
Unlike the vintage stack o’ glory I have used most of these.
The last 1/3 I have acquired recently.
{like 20 patterns in 2 months, recently}
I have sewn 3 of the 20 patterns so far.
The rest I’ll get to when people stop popping out babies that need quilts.

I’m kind of in the conundrum of not knowing how to store all of these.
I’ve been researching online and realize I need to be taking better care of the vintage patterns.
{not that i’m taking poor care of them, but paper has acid and i want to preserve them before they start to deteriorate}
Since I am now classifying this as a collection and using words like preserve I need to put a bit of effort in.
Word around the interwebs is that archival quality comic book sleeves are the way to go.
Since my collection is still very wee at this point preserving it won’t cost too much $$.

By far my favs are these 5.
The Tova Top and Tank Dress from Wiksten.
{she actually has these in stock right now which never happens so if you are so inclined, snatch one up}
Simplicity 3835 which I raved about here, Simplicity 5960 which I am TOTALLY anxious to make, and McCall’s 9250 which I hunted down with a vengeance a couple of weeks ago.

I am actively stalking Vogue 7164.
{i’m a wee bit obsessed with hunting this one down. thrill of the chase my friends. thrill. of. the. chase.}

Have a swell weekend my friends!