i had 10 minutes and a pillow case

Seemingly random things but to My Helper it meant a new dress.
I kid you not, it took me 10 minutes.
I know this because My Soldier said, “We have to go in 1o minutes or we’ll be late!”
So naturally I sat down to start a new project.
{yes, i am like that}

(I apologize for the poor picture quality, it was late evening when I took this and Army issue lighting is less-than-friendly.)

A simple pillow case dress for My Helper.
Here is the close-up of the front.

The splotch on her arm is a temporary tattoo.
She’s cool like that.

The pillow case came from a set of organic sheets that Target had on clearance for $17.
I had been looking for a similar striped fabric to sew myself a dress and yay for me I found it.
I folded it in half, cut some length from the closed end and then free-handed the arm holes, serged, folded and sewed.
I had some satin ribbon lying around and just tied it up in the back.

{i realize it’s totally blurry but my helper pulled this pose from the deep recesses of her inner super model}

I decided to have it tie in the back for 2 reasons;
a. because it was WAAAAY too fussy in the front
2. she’s 4 and that bow is the only thing holding her dress up, one small tug and she’s neked.

Yay for finishing projects!
Boo for starting (and finishing) an entire project when I have no less than 6 others needing attending to.
Silly me.