quick fix

Greetings Friends!

Sorry for the absence but my little sister Bud was in town for a week and well I like her more than most of you.
{except you My Soldier dearest. i like you the most}

Right before she hopped on over to the island of Aloha I accomplished a looong needed project.
Up until last week our ironing board had been taking up permanent residence in the Book Room kiddie-corner to Betty.
I never intended for it to live there permanently and had lofty ideas about putting it away regularly….
but that never really happened.
The nature of sewing is that you need an ironing board frequently and at random intervals.

Sadly, this resulted in a not so pleasing view of the Book Room right as you enter the front door.
{as said like Emril}

That is the less-than-loverly view from the front door.
{sad face}
I’d bet a handful of jelly beans that My Soldier hated the arrangement but never said anything because he thinks I’m cute.

So my solution was to purchase something I was convinced I would never purchase in a million years {or till Christ returns which ever is first}
A TV tray.
Like the kind you eat a meal that was heated in the microwave on while watching reruns of Dallas. {who did shoot JR?}
That kind of tray.

Well some woven cotton, insulated batting, and 1″ foam later and I have a new wee little ironing board.
{i spent some quality time with a staple gun}

So aside from the astronomical mess that is all 7,000 projects I am currently working on that are piled on that there ottoman, she fits ever so nicely nuzzled next to Betty.
If I was a Varsity blogger I would have taken a picture from the same angle, but I’m not, still JV, likely not leaving the bench.
But! You cannot see it from the door since it is tucked behind that worthless little wall you see there on the right {pretty sure that the army would claim it as a unique architectural feature}

Sorry there will be no Wednesday Wandering today.
I need to clean the house that has been largely neglected for over a week.
If {and that’s a big if} I get that accomplished I need to plow through some sewing.


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  1. Tash
    09.8.2011 at 08:22

    This is one extremely brilliant idea! I may have to copy you. 😉

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