the runaway train

Today I’m in a funk.
I got an e-mail from someone in my FRG {family readiness group} that basically states all the events leading up to My Soldiers next deployment.
Looking at that date on the calendar somehow made it more final.
Just a few more months before we send him Down Range for a year.
It seriously feels like he just got back from The Iraq {please tell me you understand that reference and that it sets you into fits of giggles} even though it was over a year ago.
And yet here we are again, barreling head-first towards yet another deployment.
The days, weeks and months just seem to be flying by and in a blink we’ll be sending him off again.

So we’re in that preparation phase.
We have long conversations about Military funerals and complicated legal documents.
We debate the pros and cons of packing up the Army Brats and going “Home.” {wherever that is}
Should we sell his car or keep it for the gas mileage?
There are still a thousand unknowns that could change things drastically that make the decision making difficult.
So we make long lists of things to decide and things to accomplish before he has to leave.
It’s all a little exhausting.
Totally funk worthy.

Thankfully I’m not alone.
We had a going away party for a guy in My Soldier’s unit on Saturday.
There was much talk amongst the lady folk of similar conversations in similar Army issue homes.
For some this is their 3rd or 4th deployment and these decisions take seconds.
For others these conversations are loud, dramatic and WAAAY too complicated..
Is it normal to discuss what bag to put your Kindle in just in case the convoy with the bag gets blown up?
Apparently it is with this lot.

God’s grace is that none of the emotions relating to My Soldier leaving for a war zone hit until 2 weeks after he’s gone.
So I’m in a funk, but I’m not a wreck. {that’s good, right?}
Funks don’t last long.