wednesday wanderings

Yesterday {aka day of total chaos} was the release of the Missoni for Target designer collaboration.
Prior {and substantially more important} commitments kept me from crowding the doors like a Black Friday Walmart mob.
I did make it there around lunch time, and I was on the hunt for a specific item that I had been stalking online.

Specifically this loverly specimen of rain deterrent.
Much to my dismay, they were sold out, of that and nearly every other line in the collection!
Now I wasn’t there to witness this firsthand, but I’m sure this is the reason why I couldn’t find my bumbershoot of glory.

via eileen josephine

People, this is what happens when you overload on Cocoa Puffs.
{if you were raised in front of the tv like me then you would know that cocoa puffs make you cuckoo}
I did manage to score the coveted umbrella online, {God’s grace in my life} for less than they were retailing here so total win for me.

via reverie market

In other shopping related wanderings, the Reverie Market opened today!
There are heaps and heaps of cute hand-picked items and stellar prices including the beauties pictured above.

In book related wanderings for those who are Kindle addicts with no intention of seeking help for recovery,
follow Kindle Team on Twitter for updates and the deal of the day.
I managed to score Bonhoffer last week for $1.99 which has been on my To-Read list for a while.
I also set up a special feed to my Reeder with the Jungle Deals & Steals Kindle Freebies.
It’s hit or miss {and the cheese factor makes for a lot-o-misses} but they are free so if I only make it through a chapter then delete it I’m not out any money.

Off to clean my little home.
Yesterday was crazy busy and by the time I made it back home in the early afternoon I had to whip up a batch of my scrumptious chili for Gospel Community.
I literally pulled it off the stove, chucked the Army Brats in the car and left not to return till after 10pm.
Didn’t clean a lick.
Bonus: My Helper got sick last night, puked chili all over herself, her bed and Liberty of London quilt at 3:30am last night.
Praise God in heaven that My Soldier has a strong stomach because puke makes me puke {viscious cycle}
Needless to say I have even MORE cleaning to accomplish.
Happy Wanderings!