clearly it’s baby season

It seems half of our friends are in baby production right now.
That means that ALL of my gifts lately have been baby related.
No complaints, I like the wee little lads and lasses.
{it also happens to be a good distraction from all the pre-deployment chaos}

I have a friend from church who is one of the many ladies currently preggers.
We’ll call her Washtucna, which happens to be the 1 stoplight town she is from in Washington.
{that’s Warshington for all the locals}
She requested a diaper bag which is easy-peasy so I happily obliged.
The trixy part came when we sat down in front of the computer to peruse the interwebs for fabric.
Of course she picks the one fabric that makes me squirm and fidget because it’s bright and floral.
So in my world where I love all the nuances and subtleties of various shades of gray, a purple fabric with GIANT pink, teal and lime green flowers was intimidating.

This time I used a pattern, because my normal bags don’t lend themselves to multiple fabrics.
I won’t bother to name the pattern because it was SO poorly written that if you didn’t have serious experience sewing bags you’d have cried yourself to sleep.
{if you really love the design and don’t mind a wee bit of torture you can e-mail me for the pattern name}

So I wasn’t aware when I ordered it that the scale of the fabric was SO large.
I ordered the bare minimum yardage and that didn’t allow me to fussy cut the fabric into a more appealing fashion.
I don’t know if you can tell from the photo, but the strap is super long.
I added 4″ to the strap length because Washtucna is nearly 6′ tall and her hubster is several inches taller.
It has a fun hoodie style pocket up front and two side pockets.
It also has heaps of pockets inside and a large zippered pocket in the back.
The beige fabric {i had to work beige in there somewhere} is actually courderoy.

The corduroy and the teal lining seem less random when looking at the back.
The scale of the fabric kicked my butt.
Oh well.
Even though I was happy with the quality I produced I felt likeI could have made it better if I had another go at it.
Silver lining?
Washtucna LOVED it!
I guess I shouldn’t have been so surprised, I did create exactly what she was looking for.

Around these parts I’m helping My Soldier pack his stuff for deployment, all his stuff that will be going by boat.
And by “helping”, I am sewing buttons onto a dress for My Helper and yelling when he tries to pack C.S. Lewis books.
Hope you had a fabulous Monday!