friday confession

The itsy bitsy, teeniest, tiniest portion of myself is looking forward to My Soldier deploying.
{major emphasis on itsy bitsy, teeniest, tiniest}

Ok, first a disclaimer and then hear me out.
If there was a way for My Soldier to legally not deploy and maintain his integrity I’d be all over it.
I don’t want to be without My Soldier for the length of an average work day let alone for a full year.
Not to mention how detrimental it is for my wee Army Brats.
However, this is God’s will and His plan is always best.
{seriously, Jonah went AWOL and got swallowed by a large fish}

Here’s the deal, this is not our 1st time to the dance.
I wouldn’t say I’m a seasoned veteran but a veteran I am.
It’s not all wailing and gnashing of teeth.
{although for the cadet it very well may be}

Here is why there is a itsy bitsy, teeny, tiny portion of me looking forward to this deployment.
Zero boundaries.
Honestly it’s like Saturday everyday except more sucky because My Soldier is not around to go on our adventures.
Since the Army Brats are not in school yet  (My Helper will start Kindergarten before he returns) there is nothing schedule-wise binding us except church on Sunday.
We can schedule whatever we want, travel when we want and all without consideration of My Soldier’s work schedule.

There is a wee Ground Hog’s Day element to it that I tend to fall victim to.
For instance: Once upon a time, when My Soldier was in The Iraq I got my kids up, dressed, out the door, and in the car only to arrive at church on what turned out to be a Saturday.
{true story}
I’m sure when My Soldier is Down Range similar indications of insanity will occur.

Other positives of the Soldier-less house:
Control of the TV
{hello jane austen movies}
No man laundry
{the laundry and i are not exactly simpatico at the moment}
I loose weight
{it’s a strange phenomenon that i am all for}
I get to ignore all sports for a year
{except soccer which i get to focus on}
and the extra $$ isn’t bad.