my cheat sheet

Stroke of genius yesterday evening.
I decided to make myself a recipe cheat sheet.
And since I am now the very proud owner of a laminator {don’t judge} I became giddy at having a perfectly suited project.
My poor Soldier lost access to the TV for the better part of the evening because it doubles as my computer monitor.

I know I have seen similar recipe cheat sheets around the interwebs.
Although when I started searching for them last night both Google and my Evernote failed me.
So I get the lame award for not only not having an original idea, but not being able to cite where I got the idea from.
{boo me}

A few months ago in the beginnings of the simplify my life movement {yes, it’s a full on movement now}, I moved all of my cookbooks off of the counter and put them on top of the cabinets.

I only really use my cookbooks for baking so the fact that they are out of reach is normally not an issues.
However, there are a handful of recipes that I reference frequently enough that it becomes a royal pain in my backside that they are 7 feet up.
Enter my new laminated BFF.
It was the Amazon deal of the day (maybe a Gold Box Deal?) a few weeks ago and My  Soldier humored me and let me get it!

My spankin’ new cheat sheet now resides in all its laminated glory on the side of my fridge which I can now easily reference.
On it I stuck 8 of my favorite recipes that all require some element of measuring precision.
{measuring precision is not one of my strong points}

I whipped it up in Photoshop Elements last night.
{hence my soldier watching storage wars via netflix on his iphone}
It’s really just ingredients and the oven temp since the methods I have memorized.
Honestly that is all I really need.
I then printed it out on cardstock and sat like a total geek in the middle of the kitchen floor waiting for my laminator to warm up.
{ok, now you can judge}

There it is, in it’s nice new home, all safe from splatters and anything else that might harm it.

In other news, The Cadet turned 3 yesterday.
{i cried}
The annoyance over my cookbook’s new residence stemmed from the need to make him a dutch baby for breakfast and pizza dough (for BBQ chicken pizza) for dinner.

{in my world, rainbow chip cupcakes are the equivalent of birthday related culinary genius}

Happy Monday!

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  1. 10.17.2011 at 14:01

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!

    The recipe reference is a great idea! I have a notebook for my quick references, but a card would be a much quicker and cleaner! Thanks for sharing!

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