my wee hipster

My Helper is a wee bit dramatic.
My full-time job till she says ‘I do’ will be helping her keep her emotions under control.
The craziest things cause this child to weep.
Heck, maybe she’ll become an actress and get paid for all the waterworks.

I’m in a stripes mood and it’s becoming crazy hard to NOT sew her an entire wardrobe made of striped fabrics.
{it’s hard. real, real hard.}
I made a new shirt for her the other day.
The day I made it she declared,
“It is the best thing I ever had in my whole life!”
{yes, in all 4 years of her life, this shirt topped it all}

Fast-forward to this morning when I asked her to put it on so I could take her picture.
Lord help me, did she turn on the waterworks!
Crazy dramatic, jr.-high-girl-type crying.
I don’t even know why.

Here she is doing her best impression of a hipster.
{the expression reads: my life is hard, you’ll never understand my burdens, leave me to my sad music and senseless poetry}
She was doing an interpretive dance to The Avett Brothers last night so maybe she’s a full-on card carrying hipster.

{she’s so emo}
A little tank with the tiniest of cap sleeves.
It’s a pink ticking stripe on an ivory background.

The back is my favorite.
{i love playing with stripes}
My camera was doing something funny to the stripes,
you can see it much better in that top horizontal section.

One positive to her moodiness is that she is likely to get cast on America’s Next Top Model.
{seriously, this is how she poses. piece. of. work. this child o’ mine}

My mom arrives tonight.
I’ll try an check in regularly.
Happy Thursday!

  2 comments for “my wee hipster

  1. Bethany
    10.27.2011 at 11:51

    She is adorable! I can’t believe that’s how she posed! She cracks me up. Hope you all have fun with your Mom in town!

  2. Tash
    11.3.2011 at 11:09

    She is lovely and so is her little top!

    P.S. you’ve got to be the coolest mom ever… making her cute clothes, putting her hair in a cute bun, exposing her to The Avett Brothers. You, my friend, are fantastigreat. :)

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