organizing my “collection”

I confessed a few weeks ago to having quite the growing collection of patterns.
As I am still tackling the storage issue I realized I had an additional problem with all the patterns I have actually sewn from.
{the % of patterns that i have sewn from vs the ones that are just conquests that have been won is crazy low}
Since I trace all my patterns onto Swedish Tracing Paper instead of actually cutting the original pattern,
I am left with basically double the amount of pattern pieces by the end of each garment.
Previously I had just been shoving it all into the original envelope but they were leaving the poor envelopes a bit obese.

The other problem I was encountering popped up when I sewed the Oliver + S Jump Rope Dress for My Helper.
It had been 9 months since the previous one I had sewn and I had all but forgotten any modifications I made or notes on construction.

I had a total light bulb moment and realized I could solve both problems in one fell swoop.
{efficiency makes the left side of my brain really excited. not so much the right side though}

I bought a bunch of 6×9 envelopes from Tar-Jey and in them I placed all my traced patterns.
On the front I placed all my pattern info and notes and clipped it directly to the pattern.

So obviously here is the Oliver + S Jump Rope Dress Pattern.
{i refuse to insult your intelligence}
From this point on we’ll refer to this as the front…

…and this is the back.
In that top, right corner I have the following info:
Pattern Company
Pattern Number/Name

The pattern company and number are how I intend to sort the patterns once they have a permanent home.
The view and size are of the actual pieces that have been traced and cut and now live snugly inside the envelope.
Below I have written my notes and stamped the date that the garment was completed.
In theory, because nearly all my modern patterns are multi-sized, I could have several little envelopes for each pattern all clipped to the original pattern.
{more so for the army brats. hopefully my size isn’t fluctuating that much. yikes}

For patterns that are printed from PDFs I have placed them into large 9×12 envelopes and written the same info onto the envelope.
For self-drafted patterns I have used the same small envelopes and written my notes on the envelope accordingly.
I intend to place my patterns into mylar bags (especially the vintage ones) to preserve them.
{it’s kind of impossible to preserve anything in hawaii since it is so warm and humid}

I think it’s a pretty good solution.
Except the fact that they are just sitting in a stack in the Book Room.
{my soldier is very patient with my very long term organizing projects}

We’re off to play tourists in our home town with my mom.
Hope you have a stupendous weekend!