place mats with pockets!

I seriously missed the memo on the time saver that is the place mat.
It was probably in one of the parenting books I was supposed to read before I had My Helper.
{funny how 4½ years of parenting has flown by and i still haven’t gotten around to reading those books}
I have friends who use them religiously but they are all plastic and covered in Dora, or Princesses, or Princess Doras.
{not a fan}
I guess I had seen them in cloth but always equated them to a decorative item instead of a utilitarian one.

One day while pursuing Pinterest I stumbled upon this:

Ah H&M, how you torture me from afar.
How cute is this place mat and yet totally utilitarian in it’s Dora-less-ness!?!

Here’s a close up of the little diddy…
And it’s only £2.99!!
Which would be an awesome bonus if H&M UK shipped their fine home goods to the ole U. S. of A.
{and yet another consequence of that pesky revolutionary war}

Thankfully I can reproduce such a loverly yet unattainable item.

Clearly I do not iron my place mats.
{or anything else for that matter}
I actually made these over a month ago but have not been caught up on laundry long enough to have a spare clean one to photograph.
I made six because that is all the linen I had on hand.
I love that I can just chuck them in the wash when they get nastified and be done with it.

I’m slowly realizing that I have a wee obsession with pockets.
All pockets.
Dress pockets, jacket pockets, totally useless pockets on wee infant jeans.
{i’m an equal opportunity pocket lover}
These place mats (with pockets) are in my top 10 favorite things right now.

I’m linking up over at Natalia’s blog Ma Nouvelle Mode today. Click on the little button and check it out!
{i actually went to college with natalia and her hubby. they now live in france with their 2 boys where lavar plays professional basketball}

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  4 comments for “place mats with pockets!

  1. 10.24.2011 at 15:37

    Okay. Those are awesome! I have to make some, too! DId you do a simple folded hem around the edge of the placemat, or double up the fabric and flip it then topstitch the edge? Probably just folded, right? Uh mazing.

    • Megan
      10.24.2011 at 18:09

      I doubled up, flipped it, then top-stitched. Although now that you mention it a folded hem would have been easier! The double layer does seem to help keep stuff from seeping through to the table.

  2. 10.27.2011 at 00:31

    Oh my goodness, HEY! How are you?? I love your project, thanks for linking! How did you find my blog? I love it when friends have blogs, it seems like I keep up with them better. Are you still in Hawaii? Hope all is well!

    • Megan
      10.27.2011 at 08:19

      Hey! Pretty sure you posted a link in your Facebook status when you 1st started the Pinterest challenge. I love your blog! We are still in Hawaii but don’t know for how much longer (such is the case in the Army). Make sure you enjoy the fall weather for me!

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