wednesday wanderings

Happy Wednesday!
It’s 3:33pm this fine afternoon.
I love when the clock reads all one number.
While everyone else in the blogosphere is either embracing or lamenting the arrival of fall those of us island side are pretending.
At our Gospel Community last night The Pastor’s Wife actually said, “The weather has turned!”
And then I laughed.
Let me define “turned” for you in reference to Hawaiian weather:
It is no longer 90° during the day, it is hovering around the mid to low 80’s.
At night it’s dropping to a brisk 75º rendering the use of my air-conditioner obsolete.
{although i love me some army issued a/c so we just add a quilt at night}
I appreciate the turn in the weather!
That’s all the fall chipperness I can muster.
I wouldn’t mind weather necessitating the use of knee socks, sweaters, and scarves.

I read 2 blog posts today that I thought were downright splendid.
Both bringing to the forefront of my mind the long-term goal of simplifying my little Army life.
With My Soldier deploying sooner rather than later, the more I can simplify my life the smoother the transition to the new normal will be.
The first is from Natalie Jost who runs Olive Manna one of favorite places to shop on the interwebs.
She had a quote in today’s post that made me think,

“Form without function is a dust collector.”


So if I think through ALL of the things in my house that are currently collecting dust, I should evaluate what purpose they serve and whether or not they worth it for me to allow them to gather wee dust bunnies or if they are worth the bother dusting them.
My sheer disdain for all forms of dusting would assume that many of these items are not worth the dust they collect.
My Soldier is game for doing a big purge this weekend and so this little tidbit will be floating in the here and now regions of my brain.

The other post is from Rachel Meeks whose blog I love.
It’s totally twaddle-free and I dig that.
The title of her post is,
It Is So Much Easier to Simplify Than to Organize.
Again, for some reason this was a total light bulb moment.
She just moved into a new house and addresses some of her past tendencies towards her semi-nomadic life.
Leading a similar semi-nomadic life it was challenging for me to think through why I am  saving stuff for the next residence?
{i actually know that answer; because there will always be a next residence in this here army life and i’d much rather make do and mend than re-purchase an item}

Anywho, I hope you’ve had some fun dinking around these here interwebs.
I’m off to hem a shift dress.
That makes me a bit nerdy  but it is my reward for scrubbing the kitchen.