wednesday wanderings

It’s hump day.
aka Megan’s SUPER lazy day!
Our current schedule has Tuesdays packed for me.
{not my fav}
I’m up crazy early for a ministry that I am involved with {and love} but requires me to be smiley and interact with 50+ women all before my 3rd cup of coffee.
{being nice and or having a conversation before 3 cups of coffee is no beuno}
I can be outgoing, I enjoy socializing, but reality is, I’m a total hermit.
It’s a ton of effort for me to pour myself out to a large amount of military wives.
I used to be able to come home and spend the afternoon winding down but since our church Gospel Community moved to Tuesday nights I currently have to rush home and fight my kids into a nap so that we can roll straight into a night full of equally awesome but totally draining ministry.

This has all resulted in me hiding from the world all day on Wednesdays.
I can’t handle anyone outside of my own family.
We take slow-paced to extremes on Wednesdays.

Flip-side ~ I have a lot of time to wander the interwebs on Wednesdays!

Stumbled upon a new blog that I love!


She totally has a Sewing School full of crazy awesome posts on clothing construction.
{i’m a wee bit jealous of her fabulous fit dress form pictured above. i need a dress form in the worst way}

I want to eat these roasted garlic mashed potatoes for every meal for the rest of my life.

This flow chart on buying clothing is fairly brilliant.
I wonder if I just threw away all my t-shirts and jeans if I would stop defaulting to them?
I wore dresses {just for the heck of it} over half of last week and it was lovely!

I’ve been making lots of gifts lately, I’m trying to wait patiently to post on them till they are actually received so as to not ruin the surprise.
{i super suck at keeping secrets so it’s a lot of work to not share what i’ve finished}

Hope your Wednesday is more productive than mine!!

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