Today is 11.11.11.
That in itself is pretty fun.
I actually have a friend from High School in labor right now although I think she missed the 11:11 am delivery.
I remember in college my BFF and her then boyfriend (now husband) used to look at the clock at 11:11 and say,
“Make a wish!”

Today is even more special than a calendar anomaly.
It’s Veterans Day.
I have the privilege to be married to a Vet.
I’m blessed to know a ton of Vets.

When you live the military day-in and day-out you never loose sight of their service and sacrifice.
You also understand that those sacrifices are multifaceted and complicated.
This Army life often has a lot of gray areas.
I’m ever grateful that it’s never gray to God.

So since it’s 11.11.11 @ 11:11 here is my wish;
May everyone recognize a Veteran today and the blessings we have been given from their countless sacrifices.
My prayer today is that we thank The Lord for those who were willing to give the ultimate sacrifice and lay down their lives for their brothers.