in the not quite christmas spirit

That’s our Jesse Tree sitting sad and empty yesterday before it received it’s first ornament.
Normally the season of Advent get’s me all excited but this year I’m a wee bit distracted.
We have 2 HUGE things on the table for the first part of the year and it’s hard not to be completely focused on them.

One of them is My Soldier’s deployment which you can’t exactly ignore.
Deployments involve heaps of planning and tasks to accomplish,
and joy of all joys! all that needs to be completed right around Christmas.
{please acknowledge the inherent sarcasm in that statement}
Bonus: I live in Hawaii, which normally is a bonus except it feels like summer vacation year round.
Not exactly snuggle by a fire and and watch a Christmas movie weather.
I’m hoping as we get closer to Christmas day that my mood will have shifted;
but with so many thing affecting our future on the other side of this season I kind of hope it just comes and goes quietly.