pattern storage

I finally have a home for my pattern collection.

After weeks of trying to figure it out I had a light bulb moment one day last week.
After lots of searching with the intent to purchase something to house my patterns I realized I already have a solution in house.
{pretty sure nothing makes my soldier happier than more organization for less $$}

I took a Banker’s Box and divided it down the middle with a hanging file creating 2 sections.
I then purchased a set of 12 dividers from Tar-jay  and made dividers.
Each pattern company has a labeled section with vintage patterns currently in one big group called ‘Vintage.’
{the genius of that title is by no means lost on me}
In the hanging file in the middle are my larger Vogue patterns, my Wiksten patterns and any PDF patterns printed from home.

The dividers I made by cutting standard file folders on the fold, then cut them to 6.5″ wide, and rounded the edges with a corner punch.
I even got to use my label maker which ranks up there just below my laminator!
{my odd love for office supplies is exposing me as a total nerd}

I realize that it is far from beautiful but it’s functional and inexpensive.
I’d love some loverly way to display them, particularly the vintage ones, but it would likely cost more $$ and it’s not nearly as practical.
Currently, I can throw the top on this box and put it in the closet so it’s out of the way.

The lid and closet scenario forced me to think through how the practicalities of not being able to just leaf through them on a whim and whip something up accordingly.
{let’s be honest though, there is lots-o-leafing and very little whipping up on a whim}
Currently I have them all cataloged in the Awesome Note (aNote) app on my iPhone with little photos of each pattern.

{sadly you can tell which pictures were taken on my old iPhone 3G and which ones where taken on my new 4S}
I also use aNote to list all the vintage patterns I’ve stumbled upon that I’d like to add to the collection.
The one thing that is missing from the current set up is Mylar bags to place each pattern in.

I’m grateful that this little organizational challenge is solved.
Now I can focus on the sewing and the collecting.