preparing to prepare

Hello little blog!
My family left this weekend and we hit the ground running trying to get the house back in order.
{not to mention the vast effort we’ve put into getting the army brats back in order}

Yesterday I finally felt like we were back in the swing of things and then I realized that Thanksgiving is next week!
So today I hit the commissary and picked up all the items that will be out of stock come Saturday;
Cranberries, pecans, pumpkin, Karo syrup and a handful of other things this island notoriously runs out of.
The one thing I ended up frantic about was turkey brining bags.
{is brining even a word? what would you call a bag that you brine turkey in?}
Seriously, I fear dry poultry of any form and I will not subject my Thanksgiving dinner guests to dry turkey.
I ended up frantically searching 3 stores and and ended up with the last package on the shelf at Target.
:::wipe sweat off brow:::

On top of the Thanksgiving preparations I also hauled out the Christmas decoration bins.
{and by i hauled out i mean My Soldier hauled out}
Advent starts on the 27th this year which is the Sunday after Thanksgiving.
Yay Advent, the season of preparation for the birth of Jesus!
I have dug through everything and pulled out our Jesse Tree ornaments,
essentially I have been preparing to prepare but preparation is SO important.

In other news, I solved my ongoing issue of pattern storage.
I’ll post on that tomorrow.
I also finished the quilt for my BFF who’s about to pop with her 1st baby girl!
{to clarify, not her 1st baby, she has a studly baby boy but this woman is totally made to mother girls so it’s extra exciting}

I’m off to attempt an hour of straight cleaning ala my friend Melanie.
{i give myself 27 minutes before i give up}

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  1. Melanie
    11.16.2011 at 22:15

    haha, did you make it an hour? I like the timer cause then when the hour is done I get to stop ;).

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