wednesday wanderings

The pattern edition.
{this really could qualify as a friday confession and since my parents are still here it will have to suffice for both}

So ever since my mom arrived we been jointly wandering through the interwebs specifically perusing vintage patterns.
Ah yes, my latest weakness.
The madness tends to start by looking for a specific pattern and then 30 minutes later I have found 10 others that I must have.
Thankfully vintage patterns for the most part are cheap and I do make clothing from them so I tend to justify $3ish here and there.
{yes, i realize that reasoning is very weak}

Here is where my wandering has lead…
and the subsequent purchases that were made in the last few weeks.

Simplicity 2488 ~ 1940’s

Simplicity 4070 ~ 1960’s

Butterick 3031 ~ 1960’s

McCall’s 7040 ~ 1963

McCall’s 7298 ~ 1948

Simplicity 5449 ~ 1964

{i have my misgivings on this one since i have read that walkaway patterns are terrible once sewn despite how cute they are on the dress form}

Vogue 2333 ~ 1979

Simplicity 6672 ~ 1974

Vogue 6524 ~ 1960’s

Yes I realize that is a lot of impulse buys.
Every time a pattern arrives in the mail My Soldier proclaims that he needs a hobby.
I think he just wants to get stuff in the mail.

Not all the wandering landed in purchases, most of it didn’t.
There were a few elusive patterns out there that I can’t seem to find desipte the thoroughness of my looking.
Every time a pattern turns out to be completely unavailable it ALWAYS seems to be a Vogue pattern.
For example:

Vogue 1004 ~ 1960


vogue 1340 ~1960’s

{my mom and i drooled over this for a while and then she requested that i sew it for her when i am finally able to buy it}

Aren’t they all loverly?

Happy wanderings!

  2 comments for “wednesday wanderings

  1. 11.9.2011 at 22:40

    Gosh, I really love Simplicity 2488, McCall’s 7298, and Simplicity 6672! The longer version of the latter would be very beautiful for a military ball or other black tie function!

    Good luck finding your Vouge patterns!

  2. Melanie
    11.11.2011 at 09:20

    ooooh, mccalls 7298 and butterick 3031 are my favorites!

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