and we’re back

And then I took a 2 months break.
My sincerest apologies!

Thankfully I have a good reason!
{not that i feel i have to justify it to you but explanations are always nice}
Well several good reasons.

Let’s view them chronologically; shall we?

Way back in November we found out that we are pregnant with another Army Brat!
We had spent months praying about it and “trying” {although i hate referring to it as that} and we shockingly conceived!
I say shockingly because it took fertility treatments to bring My Helper and The Cadet into this world.

Then like clockwork for my pregnancies, this occured…

Why yes that is my arm hooked up to an IV.
Right about 6 weeks my Hyperemesis Gravidarum kicked in.
{hip hip hooray!}
Basically I am crazy nauseous for the duration of my pregnancies requiring crazy amounts of medication to keep me out of the hospital and off of an IV.
The loverly incident pictured above was my first tango with the IV after 2 consecutive days of not keeping  even sips of water down.
Thankfully after that episode they provided me with a full arsenal of meds to keeps food in me.
So instead of puking all day, everyday, I now only puke 3-6 times a day.

And then Christmas, ahh Christmas.
How I wish I could remember you this year.
My Soldier played Dad, Mom, Hostess, and Tour Guide to his family who visited for the blessed holiday.
I basically survived Christmas which was WAY more than I was anticipating.

Then fast-forward to the middle of this month…

and this sad night happend.

My Soldier deployed down range.
{sad face}
We’re in our second week since he left and we are slowly finding our new normal.

There are SO many reasons for the prolonged silence.
I didn’t want to blog about pregnancy until my second trimester because we’ve miscarried before and I knew it was wisest to keep it under wraps.

I honestly couldn’t blog for the longest time.
I have spent the last few months living meal-to-meal just praying I keep enough food down.
{i promise, it sucks big time}
Leading up to My Soldier leaving we prioritized family and relationships and my blog just didn’t even rank.

When he left, I couldn’t blog because of OPSEC.
His safety, and the safety of the rest of the soldiers in his brigade, meant I needed to keep it all quiet.

So here we are, very much still in that adjustment phase that dominates the first part of deployments.
In some ways this transition has been a lot easier.
{this isn’t our first time to the dance}
The Army Brats are older, I knew what to expect, we’re very settled in our community here and I’m very distracted.
In some ways it’s infinitely harder.
My pregnancies are like a terminal illness, they only seem to get worse, although thankfully at the end there is a precious baby.
My Soldier, the world’s biggest servant, has nursed me through my previous pregnancies, and now he can’t.
{although he did a stellar job taking care of me till wheels up}

So friends of the bliggity-blog world,
welcome to my deployment chaos!

Enjoy your stay!

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  1. Sarah B.
    01.28.2012 at 11:36

    Congrats Megan!!!! We’re SO excited for you!! And praying for your Soldier to return home safe.

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